It is important that your dog is kept secure and safe in your car so that he cannot distract you whilst driving.  Also, should you be unfortunate enough to have an accident you don’t want him being shot forward and hitting a passenger or driver.  You can use a dog guard, cage or even a harness and make sure there is sufficient bedding for him to be comfortable.  It is also important that he stays quiet and doesn’t move around continuously whilst travelling so it is important that he learns this from the beginning.

puppies car

It is sensible to get your puppy used to car travel.  Most travel very well but others may be car sick so, if necessary, start with just letting you puppy in the car with a chew or toy without going anywhere.  Next introduce him to short car journeys with a special walk at the end and gradually build up the length of the journey.  If he is a pup that continues to be a poor traveller there are dog travel sickness pills you can buy .

When going on a long journey make sure you allow time to make sufficient stops to exercise your dog.  If travelling along motorways most service areas have some grass areas where you can walk. Make sure you take fresh water, a bowl and food if necessary. Don't forget your poo bags.  In England microchipping is now a legal requirement but, as an extra precaution, make sure he is wearing his collar with ID tags in case he escapes. 

Try the following link which gives details of suitable places to walk your dogs when on a long journey. They are all supposed to be within about 10 minutes of a motorway or major road.

Follow the link below to The Kennel Club guidelines for road travel with your dog: