Begin house training your puppy right away.  Have a regular feeding schedule and make frequent trips outside, repeatedly saying ‘be clever’, or whatever words you wish to use.  When he obliges, praise him.  If your puppy walks round the floor in circles, sits or whines at the door, or voluntarily gives you the ‘look’ – sustained eye contact with a slightly anxious expression – it is time to take him outside.  When he has ‘done it’ praise him and bring him back inside.  Last thing at night; go outside with your puppy, so that he can ‘be clever’ for the last time of the day.  He may not like the dark, so do not just put him outside on his own.

The following are good times to take your puppy out:

  •  First thing in the morning
  • Right after he wakes up from a sleep 
  • On your return when he has been left alone
  • Straight after meals
  • Last thing at night
  • As soon as he gives you the ‘look’ or starts walking round in circles

Of course, accidents do happen and if so, you should never raise your voice or spank him and never rub his nose in it.  If you catch him in the act, rush him outside to finish and praise him.  ‘Bac To Nature’ makes an amazing product to be used on carpets, that will take all smells away and this is highly recommended.  Another idea is just to leave a pad of newspaper by the back door and your puppy will use this if necessary.

Some puppies will have accidents when they get excited and you can anticipate this by getting them to greet guests, for example, outside or where the flooring can be easily mopped.

Sometime puppies may start messing again when you think you have the problem solved. Maybe there has been a change or something that is causing stress which is upsetting him. Fireworks or moving house are obvious examples which may make your pup forget his training or maybe something has happened which has stressed or upset you: losing another pet or a major family event.  Sometimes they lapse for no apparent reason. Again patience and your vigilance are the keys to getting back to normal.