Your Help Is Needed.

Vet practices obviously collect and store data on all their patients and until recently this information has not been accessed for any research purposes.

VetCompass, a project run by The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) is changing that. It collects this data from participating practices and is using it to answer questions that will improve companion animal health.  Information from vet practices is collected anonymously and is proving invaluable to veterinary research.

Dan O’Neill, who runs the project for RVC, has indicated his willingness to work with engaged breeds via their Health Co-ordinator to feed back data of specific relevance to them.  He quoted the example of Cavaliers who already have such an arrangement.  Our Breed Health Co-ordinator Ed Hall has indicated our wish to participate.

At the moment VetCompass collects data from around 500 Vet practices in UK and it could be invaluable to our breed for more practices to join the scheme. Dan needs data from at least 1000 Irish Setters before the statistics become meaningful.

Please ask your vet whether the practice has joined the scheme.

The sooner we get the data from 1000 setters the sooner we will get information. Remember the information forwarded to VetCompass is anonymous.

For full information about the scheme go to:


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