Irish Setter Health is for everyone who cares about Irish Setters, or Red Setters as they are often known.  Hopefully some of your questions will be answered whether you are thinking of buying a puppy or if you are already an owner.  The aim of the site is to share knowledge and experience in a responsible way to increase understanding of the breed, particularly its health and welfare.  Although it is not a veterinary or scientific site we hope to provide you with information and help.  However, this should never replace veterinary advice and if you are worried about your pet’s health then please contact your vet. 

Irish Setter Health is run by the South of England Irish Setter Club in conjunction with its site

 This site complements the club website and our prime focus is on caring for your setter, puppies and health issues.  We would like to thank both Professor Ed Hall, Chairman of the Breed Health Committee, and Dr Jeff Sampson, who was The Kennel Club’s Geneticist for many years, who have been consulted on our health articles. We will continue to add more articles and information and would be pleased if you would let us have any information you feel would be appropriate. Please continue to help us make this a site for all Irish Setter owners.