KC Health Projects

KC Health Projects have been added in the Health section. There is a list of research projects on the Kennel Club website and although there are not any specific to Irish Setters some owners might be able to contribute to research covering all breeds. Bringing about research collaboration (BARC) Genetics … Read more

Hip and Elbow submissions

Good News BVA are now able to accept and process hip and elbow submissions, with weekly scoring sessions commencing from the 8th July. However, this will depend on whether individual practices are able to undertake imaging and their specific guidelines. Eye testing sessions have also commenced, and available panellists are … Read more

Water Intoxication

A new section now included in Ownership covering Water Intoxication

Lucy’s Law

Third – party puppy sales banned in England from Monday 6 April 2020. See government article in Puppies Section

Parentage Testing

An article on Parentage Testing has been added to the Ownership section written by Dr June Swinburne director of Animal DNA Diagnostics.

Update on Canine Health Schemes from the Kennel Club

We are sending this email below on behalf of the BVA.   “In light of the COVID-19 pandemic Canine Health Schemes wanted to update you on how this will affect your Hip and Elbow Dysplasia submissions and Eye Examinations.   Following recent government advice, we have taken a number of … Read more

Health section : Spay incontinence Update

A  further study published in 2019 “Associations between neutering and early onset urinary incontinence in UK bitches under primary veterinary care” also indicates that spaying may affect urinary incontinence in bitches and Irish Setters are one of the breeds mentioned. The conclusion of the study states: Neutering itself and age … Read more

KC Health Test Results Jan 2020

All health test results have been supplied and reproduced by kind permission of the Kennel Club and will be updated periodically. Eye tests results for Irish Setters Irish Setter CLAD clear Irish Setter CLAD carriers Irish Setter CLAD hereditarily clear Irish setter PRA rcd1 clear results Irish setter PRArcd1 Hereditarily … Read more

KC New Health Project News

New Health Project We write to share information on a new Animal Health Trust project, being funded by Dogs Trust. Please see a brief outline of the project below, which has been provided to us by Dr Cathryn Mellersh. Click to download information :  CRIEDD V3 FLYER More information can be … Read more