The BVA/KC Hip & Elbow Dysplasia Scheme

Customer Experience Survey We would like to invite you to participate in a survey being undertaken by the British Veterinary Association, in collaboration with The Kennel Club, to understand the experiences of customers who have used the BVA/KC Hip & Elbow Dysplasia Scheme between 2019-2022. It is of upmost importance to both The Kennel Club … Read more

KC Health Test Results Updated June 2022

All health test results have been supplied and reproduced by kind permission of the Kennel Club and will be updated periodically.  Latest Update June 2022 Eye tests results for Irish Setters Irish Setter DNA CLAD clear Irish Setter DNA CLAD carriers Irish Setter CLAD hereditarily clear Irish setter PRA DNA rcd1 clear results Irish setter … Read more

Recent Website Updates

We have been busy updating the website recently and the below sections have been updated, more to follow !!! Vets section Buying medicines online Thinking about unthinkable Pet Passports now Traveling Abroad Snow section About the breed section

The Kennel Club announces inaugural dog health and welfare conference

The Kennel Club has announced it will be hosting its first Health and Welfare Conference, bringing together dog health experts, breed community representatives, owners, breeders and dog show judges. Following the renewed interest in dog ownership during the pandemic, the inaugural event, taking place on September 25 and 26 2021 at Chesford Grange in Kenilworth, … Read more

Kennel Club Genetics Cenre Newsletter

The Kennel Club Genetics Centre (KCGC) is slowly, but surely, settling into the Department of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Cambridge. The team now has a full complement of 9 members, all of whom have come from the Animal Health Trust (an indication of how much we all love and believe in the work … Read more

Kennel Club Canine Genetics Centre


The KC has confirmed The Kennel Club Canine Genetics Centre will reopen at the University of Cambridge and it will continue to be led by Dr Cathryn Mellersh. THE KENNEL CLUB GENETICS CENTRE TO RE-OPEN AS PART OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE Following the announcement in July 2020 of the closure of the Animal Health Trust, … Read more

KC Health Test Results Update March 2021

Eye tests results for Irish Setters Irish Setter CLAD clear Irish Setter CLAD carriers Irish Setter CLAD hereditarily clear Irish setter PRA rcd1 clear results Irish setter PRArcd1 Hereditarily clear Irish Setter PRA rcd4 clears Irish setter PRArcd4 carrier results Irish Setter PRArcd4 affected Irish Setter PRArcd4 H-clears Irish Setter PRArcd4 H-carrier Irish Setter PRArd4 … Read more

Closure of the Animal Health Trust (AHT)

In 2020 we were given the sad news that the Animal Health Trust was closing. It had faced fundraising issues exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic and when it closed at the end of July The Kennel Club and the Animal Health Trust (AHT) issued a joint statement advising that the scientific data and biological material … Read more

KC Breed Health and Conservation plan

The breed health and conservation plans ensure that all health concerns are identified through evidence-based criteria which is compiled into a single document.  The Kennel Club has gathered all available health information and data about each specific breed which  is used as a basis to collaboratively create a strategy to tackle the health priorities of that particular … Read more