Health section : Spay incontinence Update

A  further study published in 2019 “Associations between neutering and early onset urinary incontinence in UK bitches under primary veterinary care” also indicates that spaying may affect urinary incontinence in bitches and Irish Setters are one of the breeds mentioned.

The conclusion of the study states:

Neutering itself and age at neuter were identified as important risk factors associated with early‐onset UI. Neutering was associated with an increased hazard of early‐onset UI from date of birth. Bitches neutered before 6 months of age had increased hazard of early‐onset UI diagnosis within the first 2 years following neutering. The decision to neuter a bitch is based on many factors, not just UI risk alone. However, the contribution to decision‐making driven by UI may need to be greater for the high‐risk breeds and bitches with larger bodyweights. The results of this study suggest that early‐age neuter (<6 months) should be carefully considered, particularly in high‐risk breeds and bitches with larger bodyweights (or larger projected bodyweights), unless there are major other reasons for performing it.