Give A Dog A Genome

We are delighted that The Irish Red Setter Rescue Charitable Trust (IRSRCT) has funded this for our breed and have confirmation that we have been included in the 50 breeds. Sequencing the Irish Setter genome will aid future research into inherited disease.  We look forward to hearing how the research progresses.

As at October 2017 suitable DNA had now been identified and sent to a commercial lab for sequencing.

Further information can be found on the AHT website:


We are pleased to announce that the IRSRCT has funded a second epileptic dog.  

The DNA from the first dog has been sequenced and the analysis is underway.

The DNA from the second dogs is currently being quality assessed before being sent for sequencing.

Further Update 30 April 2018

A DNA sample from the second dog has now been sent to a commercial laboratory for sequencing.